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Bangladesh is globally high densely populated country of which 60+ elder increased rapidly. By year 2008 to 2012 above 60+ elders increased 2.5% and whereas total elders 6.7% means 1 core 30 lakh  among 17 core population. The specialist alarmed us by year 2030 elderly ratio will be 12% when each of every 5 person one will be elder which not possible to manage because we have no logistics. On the other hand in many cases youths no longer live with their parents due to higher education and secured life going aboard and poor youth going distance work place avoiding family conflicts. As a result traditional family structures broken and family support reduced seriously. Consequence, aged parents become helpless and insecurity.Care First Foundation is a philanthropic charity govt. registered organization worked for reducing aging sufferings since 2009.CFF believed family is best place for elders and geriatric awareness, management and proper caring keep the elders active and happiness.

The 60+ age people facedmany problems as well as personality, economical, physical, mental with many chronic risk diseases of which heart strokeand dementia is leading causes death.which can manage as follows process.

• Diagnosis & Monitor risk factor
• Analysis stage of risk for prevent and control
• Modify life style habit and attitude
• Caregiver education
• Support and behavioral training
• Environmental modifications

We welcome all elders to our Aging health risk monitoring,prevention and caring management and enjoy active happynence.

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CFF massages for Healthy aging

  • Be aware on geriatric sufferings
  • Building healthy life confidence
  • Prevent & protect aging risk
  • enjoy aging good quality life
  • Avoid dementia control bP, Diabetics&abuse
  • Feels when you will be older,
  • love elders Say yes .
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